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    China establishes technological cooperation with 158 countries, regions
      Release time: 2017/01/16 13:26:00
    The ministry said that a total of 111 intergovernmental agreements on science and technology cooperation had been signed, and the nation had taken part in more than 200 intergovernmental organizations devoted to...

    China aims to top ocean engineering
      Release time: 2017/01/12 16:32:00
    Although China still trails the United States, South Korea and Singapore in research, design and production efficiency.It intends to close the gap by upgrading its technology faster to be more competitive in the...

    Time to upgrade Vizag port ore handling complex
      Release time: 2017/01/03 16:05:00
    He visited the port on Monday to inspect facilities.Port chairman MT Krishna Babu assured him that the OHC was the lifeline of the Visakhapatnam port and that it was handed over to the Essar group for upgradatio...

    Baotou company wins top award in tech sector
      Release time: 2016/12/27 10:37:00
    Beifang Rare Earth Research Institute, wholly-owned by Baogang Group, which is the largest State-owned steel and iron manufacturing company based in Inner Mongolia autonomous region.Is a research center with exp...

    UK steel production to benefit from efficiency innovation
      Release time: 2016/12/13 09:17:00
    The ASSURE2 project, led by Professor Claire Davis, is looking to significantly cut steel production costs, and reduce energy consumption by over 300%, through exploring the use of belt casting technology.The lo...

    Tata Steel Further Improving its Carbon Footprint With EnergyNest Techn...
      Release time: 2016/12/12 10:02:00
    The EnergyNest technology can support Tata Steel achieving its carbon footprint reduction targets.Adopting this innovative technology, Tata Steel in IJmuiden will strengthen the facility's status as a technology...

    Laser hardening, an increasingly flexible technology for hardening steel
      Release time: 2016/12/12 09:40:00
    The hardness of steel can be achieved through hardening, which is crucial for steel parts requiring high wear resistance, such as sheet steel stamping dies.A heating process up to about 800-1, 000oC is carried o...

    Green steel: ArcelorMittal launches 'radical and disruptive' building a...
      Release time: 2018/06/20 16:20:00
    Dubbed'Steligence', the approach is aimed at creating a more sustainable life-cycle for buildings and involves taking a more'holistic'view of their design and construction, the firm said.Ludkovsky added that the...

    High-Strength Steel On Display With Launch Of All-New 2019 Ram 1500
      Release time: 2018/01/19 16:59:00
    According to Ram, this is the strongest 1500 to date, featuring more than 98 percent high-strength steel in the frame and 54 percent high-strength steel in the core body structure.The use of high-strength steel ...

    China to invest $113b in railway in 2018
      Release time: 2018/01/03 17:08:00
    About 702 billion yuan of the total amount will be used to build 4000 km of new rail tracks, including 3500 kilometers in high-speed railways next year.Among the total, high-speed railways will rise to 30000 km...

    Strengthened growth seen in imports
      Release time: 2017/12/18 17:13:00
    China's imports jumped by 20.9 percent year-on-year to 11.29 trillion yuan($1.7 trillion.1.28 trillion)during the first 11 months of the year, on the back of strong domestic demand for commodities, electrical an...

    A New Type of Steel Kills Bacteria With Nanospikes
      Release time: 2017/12/14 16:04:00
    Indeed, because of bacteria’s uncanny ability to adapt to the most inhospitable environments, scientists have been searching for creative ways to get past their defenses.One way, a new study in the journal ACS ...

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